The first week of the school (15 lectures) will mainly focus on nonequilibrium stastistical physics, the second week (15 lectures) will mainly focus on active matter systems. We plan to publish the lecture notes in an edited book through the Science Press (Beijing).

The associated international workshop will be held at the first two days of the second week (August 15, 16).

First week (08-12, August)
Thomas Nattermann
Revision of equilibrium statistical mechanics:
Equilibrium ensembles and Gibbs distribution; order and phase transitions; selected examples

Kazumasa Takeuchi
Growth with noise: experiments and theory:
Basic concepts and examples; turbulence in liquid crystal system; recent developments in 1D KPZ equation and related topics

Hyunggyu Park
Introduction to stochastic thermodynamics and fluctuation theorems:
Work, heat, and entropy production of a small system; statements of the 1st and 2nd law for small systems; fluctuation theorems; detailed balance and fluctuation-response relation; information engine, etc.

Youjin Deng, Mingcheng Yang
Computational methods:
Introduction to Monte Carlo methods; worm algorithm; lattice-gas mesoscale hydrodynamic simulations; selected examples

Xiaqing Shi, Hai-Jun Zhou
Related topics:
Message passing algorithm; particle model and its continuous descriptions for simple active nematic system.

Weekend (13-14, August)
August 13 (whole day): Excursion to FengHuangLing Nature Park if weather condition allows.
August 14: free.

Miniworkshop (15-16, August)

Second week (17-20, August)
Eva Kanso
Introduction to hydrodynamics at low Reynolds number
(including Navier-Stokes, Stokes limit, Scallop theorem, multipole expansion, swimmer flow fields, simple models)
Cilia and synchronization

Gareth Alexander
Swimming in confined geometries
Dry active matter and flocking

Julia Yeomans
Tracers and diffusion
Wet active matter and active turbulence

Hepeng Zhang
Optical imaging techniques
Overview of experimental progress in active matter
Phoretic swimmers

Yuhai Tu
Bacterial chemotaxis
I: Dynamics of the signaling pathway
II: Dynamics of the flagellar motor
III: Modeling cellular and population behaviors from molecular interactions