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Appear Soon

  • Pedro E. Ramirez-Gonzalez, Gan Ren, Giacomo Saielli, Yanting Wang, Studying the effect of the molecular rigidity on the properties of Ionic Liquids by Molecular Dynamics Simulations to be submitted.
  • Biao Wan, Xin Zhou, Yanting Wang, Estimate free energy from interstate non-equilibrium transitions to be submitted.
  • Li Deng, Yurong Zhao, Hai Xu, Yanting Wang, Defect Formation Mechanism in Peptide Self-Assembly to be submitted.
  • Rui Shi, Yanting Wang, Hybrid Ionic and Organic Nature in Ionic Liquids revealed by Interionic Interactions to be submitted.
  • Giacomo Saielli, Alessandro Bagno, Yanting Wang, Insights on the isotropic-to-smectic A transition in ionic liquid crystals from coarse-grained MD simulations: the role of microphase segregation to be submitted.
  • Boyang Wang, Qiang Shi, Yanting Wang, Tianying Yan, Structure and dynamics of CO2 in ionic liquid [BMIM][PF6] confined in carbon nanotubes to be submitted.
  • Li Deng, Peng Zhou, Yurong Zhao, Yanting Wang, Hai Xu, Molecular Origin of the Self-Assembled Morphological Difference Caused by Varying the Order of Charged Residues in Short Peptides J. Phys. Chem. B under review.
  • Gan Ren, Yanting Wang, Reversible Transient Nucleation in Ionic Solutions as the Precursor of Ion Crystallization EPL in press, arXiv:1312.2711 .













In Chinese

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