All of the thesis are in Chinese!

14. Yue Chang (2011) Quantum optical phenomena in optomechanical systems and their coherent integration
13. Tao Shi (2011) Quantum coherent transfer in confined systems and optical properties in special condensed matter systems
12. Hui Dong (2011) Quantum Control of Information and Energy on Finite Coupled System
11. Shuo Yang (2010) Topological phases, quantum transfer and quantum control in quantum network systems
10. Zhi-Rui Gong (2010) Quantum Manipulation of Single Particle Dynamics in Artificial Quantum Structures
9. Hou Ian (2008) The Quantum Manipulation and Cooling Problem of Micro- to Nano-scale Optomechanical Systems
8. Hai-Tao Quan (2007) Theoretical Studies of Quantum Thermodynamics and Quantum Phase Transition in the Light of Quantum Information
7. Ling Zhong (2006) Generating Entanglement Using Analogous Cavity QED Systems
6. Ying-Dan Wang (2006) Quantum state engineering in superconducting quantum circuit
5. Yi-Bo Gao (2005) Theoretical Studies of Quantum Decoherence in Circuit QED
4. Yong Li (2004) Interaction between Photons and Atomic Ensemble & Photonic Quantum Storage
3. Peng Zhang (2004) Some Theoretical Problems on Quantum Adiabatic Approximation and Nonadiabatic Transition
2. Guang-Ri Jin (2002) Theoretical Studies of Collective Excitation and Radiation properties of multi-atomic system
1. Duan-Lu Zhou (2001) Adiabatic Quantum Decoherence & High Order Quantum Decoherence

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