Prof. Chang-Pu Sun, PhD.

Institute of Theoretical Physics,
Chinese Academy of Sciences,
Zhongguanchun Beijing 100190,
The People Republic of China

Fax: (86)-10-6256 2587
Phone:(86)-10-6258 2508
Email: suncp@ itp.ac.cn
website: http://www.itp.ac.cn/~suncp
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Research Introduction

I am interested in fundamental aspects of quantum mechanics, e.g., quantum measurement problems, open quantum system approaches to quantum decoherence , and quantum statistics thermodynamics. My researches are partially oriented to the future quantum technologies, such as quantum information processing, quantum coherence devices and even the new generation of energy resource based on the artificial photosynthesis with quantum effects.

For fundamental quantum physics, I believe that the origin of many problems, not yet understood completely, lurk in the boundary between classical and quantum (or microscopic and macroscopic). Not satisfied with investigating these problems only on the philosophical basis, I yearn for a "down-to-earth" understanding of them in association with the most recent experiments about circuit QED of superconducting system, Opto-mechanics with nano-mechanical resonators, the photon transport in low-dimensional confined structure, and the ultra-cold atoms in Bose-Einstein condensate.

My research interests also include probing mathematical structures behind the dynamics of physical systems, such as quantum groups related to the Yang-Baxter equation, Berry geometric phase related to general gauge symmetry and the symmetry breaking in finite size thermodynamical systems far-off equilibrium.

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