Adanced Graduate Lectures on Renormalization Group by Prof. Jean Zinn-Justin (31.10--08.11, 2017). lecture-1, lecture-2, 3, lecture-4, lecture-5, lecture-6, lecture-7.

School and International Workshop on "Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics and Active Matter Systems" (2016)!

We work on statistical physics and its interdisciplinary applications. Currently we are interested in the following topics: (1) spin glasses, optimization and satisfiability; message-passing procedures, computational complexity; (2) game processes, strategies interaction and evolution; (3) neural network dynamics, learning and decision-making.

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Some draft chapters (in Chinese) for a small book entitled "Spin Glass and Message Passing" can be downloaded from here. The book has been published and can be bought online (e.g., DangDang).

  • Feng Pan, Hai-Jun Zhou, Pan Zhang, Neural-network based general method for statistical mechanics on sparse systems (2019) [arXiv:1906.10935]

Currently I serve as an Editor for three more traditional journals: JSTAT (Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment), EPJB (European Physical Journal B), and CTP (Communications in Theoretical Physics). I also serve as an Editorial Board member for Elsevier's open-acess journal Heliyon and Nature Publishing Group's open-access journal Scientific Reports.

Currently I serve as an invited external member of the China Computer Federation Big Data Expert Committee.

Summer School and Workshop on "Nonequilibrium Statistical Physics and Active Matter Systems" (August 08--20, 2016)